Walter Finally Meets His Match On Fringe

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The season finale on Fox's Fringe will give us the epic genius showdown we've been waiting for. We know what team we're on — do you? Spoilers ahead.

The epic two-hour Fringe finale is bringing out the big brains. Walter Bishop (John Noble) and William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) are set to meet and have a brutal battle of the minds match, according to Entertainment Weekly:

"William and Walter will finally face off in the finale," confirms consulting producer Akiva Goldsman, who is directing the two-part episode (written by exec producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman). "These [characters] have so much that they're bringing to bear. And Leonard and John are two fantastic actors."


And Goldsman adds that this confrontation will also explain what exactly is going on with Peter, now that Walter has finally admitted that "his" Peter did, in fact, die.

"We're going to be looking very closely into Peter's [Joshua Jackson] identity, Walter's choices in the past, and Walter's choices in the future," reveals Goldsman. "And by the end of the season, we're all going over to the other side."


Will the big stand-off end in blood? Probably not — the article teases that some questions will be answered, but it sounds like they will only raise additional questions, which is very Fringe-like. We can't wait — fingers crossed for more parallel characters, we want to see an Astrid 1 and possibly a Walter 1, aka Peter's original dad, who's presumably pissed that "our" Walter stole his son.