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Want an iPhone: Pay a Bum to Wait In Line

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ever since we waited in line for a PSP only to find out you could still get them the next morning, we haven't exactly been thrilled about camping out. But being the gadget freaks that we are, we still want them. What's a geek to do? Pay someone else to do it of course!

There are already Craigslist posts in NYC and San Francisco for "Professional Line Waiters". Yeah that's right, you pay these day laborers around $250, and in exchange you've got yourself a guaranteed place in line without ever touching the concrete.


And for you cheapskates who think $250 is too much. You could always just take a page from the PS3 launch. Go around the corner of an Apple store, grab Homeless Joe and pay him to sit there for a fraction of the price. Hell, he was probably going to sit there anyway.

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