Want To Know How The Neuromancer Movie Ends? So Does William Gibson

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It's been quite some time since we've heard any news about the Neuromancer, but director Joseph Kahn is apparently still working on it. He tweeted about it over the weekend — and William Gibson tweeted back.


Kahn wrote on his Twitter feed:

Epiphany. I finally figured out how to end the movie.

To which Gibson responded:

Scroll, or voiceover?

Kahn responded:

LOL. Freeze frame.

So that probably doesn't really give any insight into how Kahn will end the movie — unless he really does plan to end it with a freeze frame, possibly complete with cheesy grins and 1970s "Starsky And Hutch" style music.



Hope it doesn't end up like the script that's been floating around the internet from 1990. Basically, in the script, Wintermute's aim is not to merge with Neuromancer but with a human mind, and it ends up with Molly merging with Wintermute to become Neuromancer. The name Neuromancer isn't explained, it just comes out of nowhere. The whole scene involving the infiltration of the Sense/Net building from the novel is condenced to just Armitage handing the Dixie Flatline to Case. Sense/Net now chases the heroes throughout the entire story, probably to add more action scenes I guess. A major character like Riviera comes out of nowhere. And the Finn has basically nothing more than a cameo, unlike his major role as Wintermute's avatar in the book.

I thought the script was a pretty big disappointment, basically a cliff note's version of the novel. It's written more like a generic action film than the slow burn film-noir the novel is.

You can read the script here. [www.scifiscripts.com] Mind you, the script is 20 years old and hopefully the film, fi it ever happens is closer to the book, though with the director's pedigree.....probably not. #neuromancer