Watch 10,000 Zombies Fall Into a Gigantic Spinning Blender in This Gory Real-Time CG Demo

Gif: YouTube

The same team who brought the world Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, which allowed for large-scale simulations like pitting 300 Jedi against 60,000 medieval soldiers, is back with a new open world RPG called The Black Masses. The new game features record-setting crowd rendering, as well as hyper-realistic character damage, as this stomach-turning demo reveals.

Gif: YouTube

To best show off the game’s new “GPU accelerated dismemberment and procedural wounding system,” the developers created a gigantic spinning blender blade, and then programmed 10,000 zombies to march to their deaths—err, second deaths. The game’s engine not only gruesomely renders severed limbs, it can also generate deep wounds on any character that finds themselves interacting with the spinning blade. On top of all that, there’s plenty of blood too.

Maybe sharing this one with your family after Thanksgiving dinner later this week might not be the best idea.

[h/t JWZ]


sammy baby

I get that they’re rendering thousands and thousands of zombies and whatnot, but it really bugs me the physics seem so weird. The giant blade starts off slowly and picks up speed after a few seconds, but the zombies touching it just explode into a cloud of gore and separated limbs. None of them seem to be pushed at all, and even though it looks like the blade is about at mid-torso height, it doesn’t seem to actually split anyone in half.

I am more bothered by this than I expected to be.