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Watch a Cruise Ship Crash Into the Side of the Dock

When you’re as big as this cruise ship—and it’s really big at 964 feet long, 105 feet wide, and 91,000 tons—it can be hard to stop. So you have to make sure you slow down in time or you’ll destroy things because once again, you’re a really big ship. This cruise ship, the Celebrity Infinity, didn’t stop in time and slammed into the side of a dock at Ketchikan Harbor in Alaska, downing part of the barge and busting up a few mooring dolphins.


KRBD says the dock sustained $2 million to $3 million in damages and the cruise ship looks like it has a sizable gash on its side too. Whoops!

Luckily, KRBD also said that no one was injured.


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Oblivion Toad

Last time I saw a ship get scraped up like that was when I saw a historical document on the NSEA-Protector pulling out of drydock for the first time.