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Watch a Cruise Ship Get Built

Cruise ships are basically giant floating cities. How do you build a giant floating city? Well, it’s pretty much like playing with Lego bricks. This time lapse shows the construction process of building AIDA Cruises’ new flagship in Nagasaki: the AIDAprima. The AIDAprima can hold up to 3,300 passengers with 900 crew members and is nearly 1,000 feet long. The ship cost $645 million to build and seeing it get put together almost makes it worth the sticker price.


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Fun fact: During WW-II cargo ships called “Liberty Ships” were built in about a month. One one occasion they did it in just 3 days to boost public morale.

A Warner Brothers cartoon from that era shows a liberty ship christening. A woman is holding a champaign bottle but the dock is empty. She points this out to an official, who says “Just start swingin’ lady.” She does and a ship pops into existence as she swings.