Watch a DIY Synthesizer Get Built From Scratch in this Absurd Timelapse

Building a synthesizer is a lot of work. It seems pretty safe to assume, but if you had any doubts, just watch this one come together from scratch like the behemoth of circuit boards it is.


Synth-creator themonkeybars timelapsed the entire build process using app on his iPhone that took one shot every five seconds to create a whopping 43 minutes of jittery synth-making craziness. If you do the math, you'll find that's something like 46,000 frames and 64 hours of work. It's also 43 minutes of synth music, created by the same dial-adorned musical slab you see coming to life before your very eyes.

So go ahead, scrub through it and marvel at how short your attention-span is. [themonkeybars via Hack a Day]


The first 30 minutes were amazingly impressive (damn, that's a lot of boards to solder), but then it just got insane after the 30 minutes mark. Up until then, I had been able to keep up the delusion that I could probably do what he had done to that point given enough time, but then...Dafuq? How the hell does a human brain keep that amount of wiring straight in your head? And how do you track down and fix it when one of the thousands of solder joints in there goes bad?