Watch a Firefighter Ride a High-Powered Hose Thrashing Around Like a Raging Bull

GIF: YouTube

Among the many dangers firefighters face at work each day, those high-powered water hoses have enough pressure to cause some serious damage if they ever got loose. But they also make for an entertaining makeshift carnival ride that looks far more aggressive than any sketchy mechanical bull you’ll find at a Western-themed bar.

At times this video seems more like a scene from a sci-fi B-movie, with the hero trying to wrangle a giant squid’s tentacle as it thrashes around attempting to break free. But it was actually part of a firefighting competition, presumably designed to test how much mud a firefighter could eat before giving up.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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“looks far more aggressive than any sketchy mechanical bull you’ll find at a Western-themed bar.”

It definitely does not seem far more aggressive to me, but I’ve never ridden a fire hose before. At best, it seems equally aggressive, but I’d have to say that it would probably be harder to stay on the mechanical bull.