Watch a Skier Bomb Down Dark Slopes In a Glowing LED Suit

A few days ago, Sploid brought us a video of two skiers wrapped in LED light rope. The effect was extraordinarily weird and cool, and now GoPro has released the POV footage of the skiers themselves. Night skiing is always magical, but this goes beyond your average shadowy last run.


The project was a collaboration between a creative agency called Ahlstrand & Wållgren and Philips, which used the opportunity to promote its TVs. If you saw the original video by Sweetgrass Productions—an atmospheric, trippy affair—you probably wondered how the hell the skiers were actually navigating the darkened Alaska slopes, given that the glow from their suits seemed like it would induce night blindness.


The video didn't include any POV shots, but luckily, GoPro finally put their version of the stunt online. It doesn't actually seem all that difficult to navigate—in fact, the custom-made suits seem to make it possible to run backcountry routes faster, thanks to the glow. Check out the full clip below, and see the original on Sploid.

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I don't think it gives any advantage to night skiing. The suit seems to cast a soft glow 10ft at the most; going upwards of 20-40mph that's like jogging at night with a flashlight shining 10 inches in front of your feet. There's little reaction time at that range, which is why cars use headlights and not just any sort of lamp.

The spectator's views are an awesome sight to behold though.