Watch a US Navy aircraft carrier launch all its F-18s

You’re only a couple feet away from F-18 Hornets launching from an aircraft carrier. You hear the power of the fighter jets, feel the closeness of these flying killing machines and see the impossibility of their take off. The fighter jet starts moving and get up in the air in such a short distance that it’s always unbelievable.

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Please stop cross-posting these on Gizmodo. Gizmodo is about new tech, not new pictures of old tech. You wouldn’t post a brand new photo-shoot of the iPhone 3G, or a Surface 1, or the original Chevy Volt. That’s old tech, and it’s old news. Same for these stupid fighter jets. There’s no problem posting them on Sploid for those who want new videos of old stuff, but keep it off of Gizmodo. It feels like advertising.