Watch Adam Savage Build Barbarella's Kickass Space Rifle

If this hour-long video teaches us anything, it's that Adam Savage could easily be the world's greatest cosplayer if he wanted to be. On a new Tested video as part of "Adam Savage's One Day Builds," the sci-fi-obsessed Savage tackles another ambitious project—Barbarella's Space Rifle.

If you're a huge Barbarella fan but aren't familiar with Jane Fonda's weapon of choice, that's to be expected. The rifle only appeared once on the cover of an 1968 issue of LIFE Magazine. Using the cover as the only piece of reference material, Savage set to work recreating this crazy-looking sci-fi boomstick.


After making some assumptions on the weapon's weight and thickness, Savage sawed, drilled, and painted Barbarella's Space Rifle into existence.

But it seems that Savage's cosplay ambitions will end there, as he says while staring down the barrel of his new creation: "I might never be as sexy as Jane Fonda is from 1968 or now but at least I've got this." [Tested]

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