Watch as Pickup Trucks Make The Last Jedi's Battle of Crait Come to Life

The Battle of Crait begins in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
The Battle of Crait begins in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
Photo: Disney

When you think Star Wars vehicles you don’t think “wheels,” you think flying, hovering, walking, or crawling. So it’s kind of weird to see fairly normal looking pickup trucks driving through the “alien” world in this behind-the-scenes footage from The Last Jedi.


The final action scene of Rian Johnson’s film happened on the fictional salt planet Crait but was shot on location in Bolivia, and Industrial Light and Magic has released a cool look at the process. There’s impressive work here, but the highlight has to be seeing trucks not just move the cameras, but actually kick up and spread the red dust from the planet practically. That, coupled with ILM’s visual effects, helped bring the epic battle to life. Check out the video.

The Last Jedi will compete this weekend for four Oscars: Visual Effects, Original Score, Sound Editing, and Sound Mixing. Then, you can watch it at home either digitally March 13 or on a physical disc March 27.



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