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Watch Dude Hand Carve a Very, Very, Very Small, Working Super Nintendo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sure, YouTuber Hugo Doris could have 3D-printed some slick shell for his super-mini Super Nintendo, but when you’re making a one of a kind object, why not craft it by hand?

Using a Raspberry Pi Zero, a USB hub and clay, Doris (lyberty5) has meticulously put together an emulator for the SNES that rivals Nintendo’s upcoming micro-NES for cuteness. And it absolutely blows away the competition for compact size. In fact, Doris’ SNES is smaller than one of the original system’s controllers.


It’s understandable that the video functions as a quick run-through how-to for hobbyists, but part of me wishes he’d slow down and let us take in the process. With a cooler pace and a little meditation, he could have a bright future as the Bob Ross of gadget-casting.

You can see how he put it together and some actual gameplay in the video below.

[lyberty5 via Motherboard]