Watch Egg Meet Mousetrap, and Other Slo-Mo Calamities

First come the bullets charging through the jello. Then the hand crashing down on the stack of cement. And by the time you get to lighters in a blender, you realize that life is so much better in slow motion.


That seems to be the moral of Philip Heron's Tempus II, this celebration of all things slow and close, shot with a Photron SA1.1. There's destruction here, but mostly joy, and I frankly wouldn't mind watching it forever. [Vimeo]

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I've never seen a mouse trap sprung in slow motion. I have to say, that can't end well for the mouse. Rather than calling them traps, they should call them mouse destroyers. Something more befitting its purpose. Anyone have a slo-mo video of a mouse springing a "trap"?