Watch Fujitsu's Dual Touchscreen Transformer Phone In Action

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Click to viewOver at CEATEC, Fujitsu's showing off a snazzy dual touchscreen smartphone with a hinge that allows it to stack vertically or horizontally. And the most exciting part? They've let UI-wizards The Astonishing Tribe loose to make the software. Watch.

The device is just a prototype, but the hardware—and especially its magical hinge—looks like it's pretty far along at this point. The video shows the dual 960 x 480 displays seamlessly scrolling content, but what's even more exciting is the flick to share interface TAT has whipped up for photos, reminiscent of the awesome screens-of-the-future video they teased us with last month.


There's no word on when or if the transformer phone might come to market, but it is very cool to see in a real, working state nonetheless. Give TAT some crazy hardware and things start looking futuristic awfully fast. [TAT via Engadget]