Remember General Electric's incredible cadre of machines that exist solely to destroy things? Well, they've been using them to destroy things like teapots and baseballs and watches just for fun—and the resulting videos are amazing.

It may be all for publicity, but these #SpringBreakIt videos are, hashtag aside, pretty rad. Here are some of our favorites cherry picked from the masses, but if this isn't enough destruction for you, check out GE's #SpringBreakIt site for the full chaotic set.


The objects are alternately smashed with 500 pounds of force, crushed under 100,000 pounds of pressure and extreme heat, or blasted with grit. [General Electric]

A Baseball Is Crushed

A Tea Pot Is Smashed

A Rubber Duck Is Crushed

A Watch Is Blasted

An Aluminum Bat Is Crushed

Crayons Are Smashed

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