Watch how scary fast a motorcycle goes during a high speed race

The world starts to blur. People and trees and houses and stores are just streaks of colors as you zoom by. The roads become vertical as you make your turns. You're going so fast that, if you hit anything on the road, even a stick, you're probably going to fly hundreds of feet in the air and smack yourself to pulp. This is what it's like to race a motorcycle in the Isle of Man TT. It's unreal how fast they go.

This point-of-view footage is so much better than a video game: the speed is real, the thrill is just ridiculous. Duke Video explains what we're watching:

It's lap 3 of the 2013 Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 - Michael Dunlop is holding second place on corrected time to Bruce Anstey but trailing John McGuinness and Cameron Donald on the road.

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