Watch Jason Schwartzman's Surreal Stroll Through the New Yorker iPad App

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The New Yorker magazine finally has an app to call its own. And what better way to get to know it than this sublimely bizarre introductory video from the star of Rushmore and Francis Ford Coppola's nephew?


Roman Coppola directs, Jason Schwartzman stars, and the app itself comes off looking pretty great amidst the madness. There are bigger questions here, like publishers' continued struggles to get an iPad subscription model off the ground, and whether it's reasonable to charge the same five dollars for an app as a newsstand copy.


As for the app itself, it uses the same template as Wired—which makes sense given that they share a parent company—and includes digital touches like a cover drawn with an iPad. And for those chomping at the bit for the perfect iPad magazine, the accompanying New Yorker editors note provides some much needed perspective:

These are early days. Right now, editing for the iPad feels similar to making television shows just after the Second World War, when less than one per cent of American households owned a television. And yet the general flow of things is clear: the digital revolution is already both long-standing and swift; there will be many more iPads sold; and competitors will inevitably follow.

For now, though, I'm just excited about being able to view all the cartoons in one gallery—since that's pretty much what my New Yorker reading has devolved to lately. And despite the video, I definitely won't be doing it in the shower.

UPDATE: The embed's still not working, but the YouTube video is now posted below. You can also check out the video at the New Yorker website.

[New Yorker via The Awl]


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Les Mikesell

Needing an app for content for every brand of device makes about as much sense as it would for Sony/Samsung/Vizio, etc. to each have their own broadcast TV channels that the others couldn't receive. When there is a cross-platform standard so I can display my subscription content on the device that happens to be in front of me now, I might be interested. Netflix seems to have gotten this right in spite of device/OS differences but it is really way past time for network protocol level standards that match subscription content needs.