Watch Kevin Spacey Be Nice, Then Evil in '21'

The most recent instalment in the Call of Duty franchise is notable — not because of the running around and blowing stuff up, that's dull — but because Kevin Spacey plays a genuine, multi-faceted character. He starts out nice, and ends up trying to destroy the world with poison gas whilst being a racist or something. This isn't new for Spacey.

He plays a virtually identical character in 21, one of my favorite movies. He swoops in on the protagonist when he's seemingly out of hope, offers him a new beginning, and then goes slightly psycho later on. 21's more than just a good Spacey performance, though: it's all-around one of the better films about gambling ever made. Best of all, it's based (loosely) on the real-life MIT Blackjack Team, so you can actually enjoy the down-on-his-luck college kid screwing over the establishment.

It's streaming on Netflix, or you can rent for a few bucks on the movie service of your choice.

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joe zenkus

He was also good in "american beauty". starts out as a whipped husband, then realizes he doesn't have to take it and turns aggressive. He also plays an incredible role in horrible bosses, starting out as nit picky boss, then he'll kill anyone that gets in his way