Watch LG's G Flex Self-Heal After a Knife Attack

While the curved display of the LG G Flex smartphone may be little more than a novelty, the smartphone's true innovation looks as if it sits elsewhere within its frame — it's "self-healing cover". And this is more than just a party trick — the G Flex is the mobile equivalent of the X-Men's Wolverine.


YouTube star Marques Brownlee got his hands on one of the new curvy smartphones, and put the protective film on its cover to the test. Digging away with his keys, the cover magically reformed any scrapes within a few minutes, and even a deep knife-inflicted gash was more-or-less removed when Brownlee applied a little friction.

Impressive stuff then. However, unless you're the pernickity type who insists on keeping all your gadgets in mint condition, the odd scratch to the back casing may not seem that big a deal. If LG could manage to make a self-healing screen though… [YouTube]

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Honest question: How does a phone being curved like this benefit the owner?

It seems to me this is a proof of concept, but not a proof of purpose.