Watch Moby Get Jolted with Electric Shock on Stage

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I always imagined being jolted with electric shock would mean a big spectacle filled with lassos of hair rising lightning bolts. In reality, it probably looks like what happened to Moby: slow realization, confusion and then...collapse.


Moby was performing at the Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam when he felt something prick his neck. Turns out it was a mild electric shock. Moby tried to walk it off but eventually collapsed to the ground. It actually looks pretty scary. Credit to Moby though, he eventually recovered and went on to perform his show.

Moby went on to tweet:

"Thanks for coming to the acoustic show. I apologize for being electrocuted.

"Damn. Being electrocuted in the neck kind of hurts. Ah well, feeling much better. Glad it wasn't worse. God bless Tesla."


Good thing he's okay! [Digital Spy]

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In college, when I was working at a restaurant, I was standing in a very shallow puddle of water in the prep kitchen, and I happened to touch an improperly-grounded steamer. Apparently, from what I was told about it, I jumped about six inches up and backwards and came down almost board-stiff on my back, putting a big bump in the back of my head, about the size of an egg. I woke up when I hit the floor, and couldn't stop feeling trembly and jittery for a couple hours. The doc in the ER said that the shock wasn't that bad, but the concussion was a real doozy. My roomate had to keep me awake for the rest of the day, and into the night. When I went back to work 2 days later, the old steamer was gone and there was a new, properly-grounded one ready for me.