Illustration for article titled Watch Out: Your New Years Midnight Delivery Messages on Facebook Arent Private (Updated)

You know how Facebook added that Facebook Stories feature that lets you automatically spam all your "friends" with automatic "Happy New Year" inanities? Well, beware because they aren't private, thanks to a security cock-up.


On the off-chance your queued messages contain something sensitive, you might want to go in there and scrub the dirty—er, private stuff. Turns out you can view others' messages (and they can view yours) by just mashing on the keyboard and putting some fresh numbers into the URL. That's right; those URLs are public.


Chances are you're not welcoming in the new year by sending your pals your social security number or anything, but if there's anything in there that you don't want to be accessible to any yahoo who can type a few random numbers, you might want to pull it for now. [Jack Jenkins via The Verge]

Update: It's all fixed now.

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