Watch pill-popping prodigies every week? Relativity Television is developing Limitless, the Bradley Cooper film about a smart drug with a major downside, into a weekly TV series.



I didn't really care that much for Limitless, but the concept might work better as a TV show, where they would have time to explore the capabilities you get from the drug, the side effects, and, even more interestingly, the limitations that even a really smart person would have in the world, and what different people would do with enhanced intellect. You could also avoid the "fix the drug problem" by just assuming that the side effects are a necessary tradeoff from the energy you use up being boosted.

Bradley Coopers "Get rich, become President" plan is only one of many you could do... and honestly kind of a cheat, since I don't think being smart per-say necessarily has anything to do with being President.