Watch shirtless Tahmoh Penikett teach Star-Crossed's alien groin punch

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Here's the main thing you need to see from last night's episode of Star-Crossed: Helo from Battlestar Galactica with his shirt off, doing a "training session" where he teaches all about the secrets of the magic groin-punch. Basically, with a special herb, the Atrians can turn a groin punch into the Vulcan Death Grip.

Spoilers ahead...

I guess we're fully investing in the idea that the Atrians' powers all come from weird herbs at this point, after the above lecture and the fact that all the show's plots are now revolving around plants. There's Ciper, the herb which — as Shirtless Tahmoh notes — can bring someone back from the brink of death, and which cured Julia's cancer. There's the other herb, which the "mystic" tribe creates, which can cure the glowy blue veins that Julia is getting as the side effect of her cancer. There's the wet-dream herb, which Sexy Alien uses to give Roman a wet dream, and amnesia herb, which Sexy Alien uses to give the guard on board the spaceship amnesia. There's Torture Herb, which they almost use to torture Roman. And finally, with the right box, they can turn Ciper into... wait for it... Dark Ciper, and unleash a plague on the humans.


Bear in mind, the Atrians had the technology to cross interstellar space — something I'm guessing you can't do with herbs. So it would make sense for the Atrians to have more going for them than their Garden of Awesome.

In the meantime, in this episode: 1) Roman cures Julia's blue veins, which seems kinda urgent except that Julia barely freaks out when he appears to have failed, and they pause to talk about Roman's relationship with Emery a lot. 2) The Atrian separatist Trags do a lot of recruiting, but then kill one of their best and most effective operatives because he decided to keep the nominal leader of the Atrians in the loop. 3) Grayson's dad is the Patriarch of the Redhawks, the anti-alien group whose big plan is to... umm... hijack the video presentation at a fancy event. Step up your game, Redhawks!