Watch Siri Turn Into a Home Automation Master With the Help Of Raspberry Pi

With home automation being all the rage these days, it was only a matter of time before Siri got her little, occasionally holier-than-thou claws into the action. All it took was YouTube user Elvis Impersonator, a Raspberry Pi, and enough trust in Siri's goodness to believe she won't devolve into a Hal 9000 wannabe.

The results are, well, awesome. Thanks to his SiriProxy-loaded Raspberry Pi, Elvis can open his garage door, enable his house alarm, adjust the thermostat, dim the lights, and turn on the tv all in one—admittedly long—breath. In the words of the creator himself:

I have been following the development of SiriProxy since its initial appearance in November 2011 and even got it installed and working on an Marvell SheevaPlug ARM based plug computer. I spent countless nights dreaming of the day I could use voice commands to control my home, but I was still under a long term contract on my existing iPhone. I already had been experimenting with IP2IR control in various forms, but the controller I use in the video seemed to offer the most features which the manufacturer added a REST API in March 2012.


Plus, his SiriProxy plugins are all open sourced and available for download at his GitHub page, so you can make a Siri butler all your own. Still, just to be on the safe side, probably best to keep her away from the pod bay doors. [TNW]

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Pretty awesome, is this possible on Android? then maybe you can load different robot personalities, like GLaDOS or Gerty, Hal might be too intense.