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Watch Siri Work on the Old, Old iPhone 3GS

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Siri, which for some reason is only 'officially' available on the iPhone 4S, had previously been hacked onto the iPhone 4. Now, the terribly ancient iPhone 3GS joins in on the fun. Siri has just been hacked onto that plastic backed 3GS.


Porting Siri over to the 3GS was done by Grant Paul and Steve Troughton-Smith and from the looks of the video, seems to work as well as you'd imagine. It even connects to Apple's servers! Seeing this hacked proof that Siri would work on both the old iPhone 4 and the even older iPhone 3GS begs the question why Apple made Siri an iPhone 4S exclusive feature. From our perspective, it seems like old iPhone hardware is perfectly fine for new iOS software. [Ryan Petrich via Electronista]

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