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Watch the awesomely bad 1987 Hindi Superman film in its singing, dancing, flying entirety

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you're looking for a feature-length Superman film that is a far, far cry from Zack Snyder's vision, clear a couple of hours for B. Gupta's notorious 1987 Superman. Puneet Issar fights for truth, justice, and the Indian way amidst musical numbers, evil real estate moguls, and pilfered special effects.

Goldmines Telefilms is streaming the film in its entirety, though without subtitles. But it is essentially a remake of Superman: The Movie, right down to the special effects footage ripped straight from the original. Here's the gist from IMDB:

In this Indian take on the classic superhero story, a young baby from the doomed planet Krypton is sent to Earth, where he is adopted by an elderly couple in India who name him Shekhar. After growing to an adult and learning about his origins and powers, he goes to the city in search of his school sweetheart, Gita, who has become a newpaper reporter. At the same time, Verma, Shekhar's rival for Gita's affection in their school days, has gone on to become a crime lord and general super-villain. Verma has hatched at plan to become rich by devastating part of India with natural disasters, then buying up all of the abandoned land. Will Superman/Shekhar be able to put a stop to Verma's evil plan? Will he win Gita's heart? Will he keep his double identity a secret?


This has been called one of the worst films ever made, not just in Hindi cinema, but in all of cinema. So hit play, sit back, and enjoy the spectacle.

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