Watch the Evolution of Amazon's Kindle Hardware In a Single GIF

The Amazon Fire Phone is kind of whack, but being ugly is not one of its problems. Amazon's hardware design has improved over the years, and the GadgetLove team created this GIF to illustrate how its products have evolved since that first clunky, oddly designed Kindle.


Not every iteration is included (no Paperwhite, for example) but the overall slimming, rounding, and de-buttoning is captured. Which one is your favorite? Or does anyone have bones to pick with Amazon's design team? [Gadgetlove]


Matthew Golden

I really liked the 3rd gen version (the last one with the keyboard); the graphite-and-cream color scheme was magnifique. I love my Paperwhite, and admit it's probably the pinnacle of the form, but there's a part of me that will always love Numero Tres.