Watch The First Trailer For Batman vs Robin

Warner Bros. has just released the first look at Batman vs Robin, the upcoming feature-length direct-to-DVD sequel to last year's Son of Batman.


Here's the trailer debut, courtesy of IGN:

THR has the full voice cast. Some highlights:

Jason O'Mara, the Terra Nova star who also plays George Washington on History's Sons of Liberty, is back as the voice as Batman. Stuart Allan, who appeared on TV's Bad Teacher, and Sean Maher, who played Shrapnel on CW's Arrow, are returning as Robin/Damian and Nightwing, respectively. Also coming back is David McCallum(NCIS), who portrays Alfred.




Oh gods, I just watched Son of Batman. What a steaming pile. Crappy script, terrible dialog, horrible voice acting, ugly artwork, stupid fight scenes beyond any suspension of disbelief. The only saving grace was the animation was pretty decent.

I want my 75 minutes back. I could have made a pie.