Watch the Major Go Into Another Mind in This Exclusive Ghost in the Shell Clip

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Much has already been said about Rupert Sanders’ live-action take on Ghost in the Shell. And with the film out next week, there’s more discussion yet to come. We haven’t seen it yet, but no matter what the verdict ends up being on the movie itself, it at least has a really great visual language.

Case in point, this brand new clip we’re exclusively debuting. In it the Major (Scarlett Johansson) has to take a “deep dive” into the mind of a geisha robot to find out information about what the villainous Kuze (Michael Pitt) is up to.

Check it out.

Obviously, people will still want to talk about the casting of Johansson or the reinterpretation of the material. In this instance, though, you watch that clip and want to know more. There are some shades of the Matrix there, a little Under the Skin, but also an almost religious subtext as the Major is seemingly dragged into Hell by what looks like a sea of demons. Really, though, they’re probably just some kind of computer virus. Either way, there is certainly a lot going on here that we hope ends up coming together. We’ll all find out next week.


Ghost in the Shell opens March 31.