Watch the Muhammad Ali of BattleBots Destroy Everything in Its Path

There are "battle bots" and then there are "utter, one-sided destruction bots." The two-wheeled harbinger of destruction called Last Rites fits in that second category. Powered by an over-volted golf cart motor and wielding a spinning hammer-blade of doom, it's really a force to behold. And the folks over at Distort caught it up close and personal, in slow motion no less.


With a weapon bar that spins at 400 miles per hour, Last Rights is basically a lawn mower of utter devastation, no matter what you put it up against. And its papa—retired engineer Ray Billings—seems appropriately proud. With a monster like that at his disposal, he can be whatever he damn well pleases.

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I'm sorry, but Vlad the Impaler is the greatest battlebot ever. Quite a good argument can be made for Biohazard, as well. Man, those were some epic battles between those two.