Watch the Music Video Built By 24,000 Webcam Users

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Have you ever watched a music video and wished you could swap out all the foppish hipsters with someone else? Now you can.

Designers Jonathan Puckey and Roel Wouters created an interactive video for the band C-mon & Kypski that lets you select individual frames, reshoot them with your own webcam, and upload the replacement footage in real time. More than 24,000 people have taken them up on the offer so far, According to their website. And the video gets refreshed every hour. Here's what it looks like now:

The process is brilliantly simple: just visit, where a button invites you to start your webcam. The site then grabs a frame from the music video and overlays it over your live webcam view so you can match the pose to perfection. (Or not, if you want to screw with the band.) Here's my attempt — I intentionally leaned off to the side to highlight the transparency:


After you submit your frame, the site automagically re-renders the music video every hour with the new frames inserted over the original ones.

Puckey and Wouters' clever take on crowdsourcing netted them a Dutch Design Award. It's hard to resist the visual concept, but so far, the replacement frames mostly seem to consist of pasty-faced Pitchfork types who would have appeared in the video anyhow. Maybe Co.Design readers can submit something more creative...?



Republished with permission from Authored by John Pavlus. Images via Fast Company.