Watch The Simpsons' astounding tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

Astounding animator and world builder Hayao Miyazaki is getting a full tribute on an upcoming Simpson's episode which you can preview, right here right now.


Perhaps as a farewell to the filmmaker, who's said his last animated feature will be The Wind Rises, this strange sequence (which features a ton of Miyazaki imagery) will appear during this Sunday's episode on Fox. Can you spot all the references — and more importantly, do you think it works in both worlds?

[via Slate]



For those that say The Simpsons have lost their touch, you really, really, need to check out the last two seasons, and this current one. Last weeks episode about piracy was not only current, but hilarious!

They've gone through a few cycles of writers over the years and they've had highs and lows - through all seasons. Not all the old episodes are gold you know. Some of the earlier seasons had really awful shows as well (Principal Charming in S2 for example). While I will admit that the number of diamonds in a season diminished for a time, they've been slowly increasing that number since about season 18 or so.

Give it a try again, you might find that you missed it. If not, at least Bob's Burger's is on next!