Watch These Walls Dance The Night Away

Dancing on the ceiling? Please. Totally put to shame by these walls that do the dancing themselves. Who knew stop-motion had these kinds of moves?


The video sets 700,000 still photos of a mural trilogy by artist MWM to the tune—appopriately enough—of "Walls Are Dancing" by Monsieur Monsieur (which is presumably not the French reincarnation of Mr. Mister). They're part of the Let's Colour Project, which aims to "transform grey spaces with colourful paint." A worthy cause, especially if it yields such whimsical results.

And that, friends, is how they did it. [NotCot]

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As a person who doesn't usually appreciate artistic efforts, this is amazing. I especially enjoyed because of what the artist mentioned - 3 different disciplines coming together. Just the artwork is nice. The photos possibly less so. The video and post-editing too. But knowing that the music was created especially for this, and the artist having everything in mind for a stop-motion video of the creation makes this really incredible in my humble opinion.