Watch This Annular Eclipse Send a Stunning Halo of Fire Across the Sky

There's nothing quite like a total eclipse (of the heart), but an annular eclipse is a close second. Especially if you're into rings of fire. And after you watch this incredible video from one that took place in Pilbara, Australia last weekend, you'll be a fan.

Put together by Photographer Colin Legg with help from his buddies Geoff Sims and Peter Nanasi, this eclipse footage is the product of three different cameras in three different locations. Two were shooting the timelapse sections, while the third was sucking down delicious 4K video.


The result is some really stunning visuals of a majectic halo of fire formed by the moons slow, perfectly positioned journey in front of the sun. It's breathtaking stuff. It's not hard to see how vistas like this struck unbridled fear in the hearts of our ancestors. But now, it's just plain awesome. [PetaPixel]

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