Watch This Human Inkjet Printer Create a Portrait in 300 Hours With 3 Million Hand-Drawn Dots

There are a lot of reasons to be impressed with David Bayo’s beautiful Astrée portrait created using a painstaking stipple technique. But what’s more staggering to me than hand-drawing 3 million individual dots is somehow finding enough spare time to dedicate 300 hours to a single work of art. I can’t even find the time to do laundry.


Bayo’s technique is essentially how an inkjet printer produces images, except your Epson creates millions of dots smaller than the human eye can perceive, and it can churn out a portrait like this in less than a minute, not the 12-plus days it took this artist. But when you compare the cost of man hours to the cost of printer ink, drawing 3 million dots by hand is probably much cheaper in the long run.

[YouTube via Geekologie]


If you don’t use your human injet printer for a few months, does it dry up and clog?