Watch This Pole Dancer's Gorgeous Interactive Routine with Geometric Light

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Dance meets geometry in this evocative short film, in which a pole dancer manipulates a projected screen behind her to create constantly shifting geometric patterns. Dubbed “Genese” (“Genesis”), it’s by the French performance art group U-Machine.

As Giaco Furino writes at The Creators Project:

U-Machine sets out to explore what they describe on their Facebook page as, “l’interaction entre l’organique et le numérique,” which translates from French to, “the interaction between the organic and the digital.” With a projected screen that reacts to movement thanks to motion sensors, the dancers in this video are able to seemingly stir up the world around them as they move.


Artistic interpretation is highly subjective. Furino sees something akin to the “deconstruction of the human form” in this short piece. But to my eyes, it looks eerily like the dancer is twisting and warping the fabric of spacetime.


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