Watch Tiffany's epic pie-fight with Debbie Gibson

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Syfy just released a sneak peek from next year's Mega-Python vs. Gatoroid, in which Debbie Gibson and Tiffany's catfight becomes a bizarre/obscene pie-fight. We caught up with Tiffany the other day, and she talked about the pop sirens' pastry assault.


Here's the clip, which Syfy just put out. I have a feeling this will be toned down somewhat for television, but then again, after the sex scene in Syfy's Children Of The Corn, you never know:

Here's how Syfy described the scene, in terms of 1980s pop culture, in their press release:

They rage against each other, just like Andie rages against judgmental yuppies in "16 candles." They try to defeat each other, just like Gary and Wyatt try to defeat their unpopularity and lack of girls in "Weird Science." They battle, just like Alexis and Krystle battle from "Dynasty" battle in living rooms, in art studios, in bedrooms, on hillsides, in lily ponds….

Someone had fun writing that press release.

We got a super-brief interview with Tiffany the other night, and asked her about this project. Since it was our hundredth celebrity interview of the night, we weren't sure what to ask. So we asked what the Mega Python and Gatoroid in the film symbolize. (Tiffany's answer: "Let me have a couple more drinks and get back to you on that.") And we asked about the cake fight.



Nice! It could use just a dash of Lisa Loeb though.