Watch Today's ISS Spacewalk Live, Right Here, Right Now

Two Russian cosmonauts have just begun a seven-hour spacewalk to install equipment on the exterior of the International Space Station. Watch them, live — because no matter what you do, their work day is way cooler than yours.


Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy are performing scheduled ISS maintenance today, not related to the two emergency spacewalk missions to repair damaged cooling lines earlier this week. Today's mission focuses on installing two earth-pointed cameras (which will probably be very cool to watch!) and a footrest at one of the ISS's external experiment stations. The cosmonauts will also jettison some experimental apparatus that's no longer needed — on the ISS, you don't hang on to stuff for sentimental reasons. Watch the whole thing live, right here. [NASA]

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Team Live Badass

Just spent 10 minutes explaining the space station, space walks, and getting back to Earth to my female coworkers. "Something your actually interested in is actually really interesting this time" thanks?