Watch "Tron: The Next Day," a short film about what happened between Tron and Tron Legacy

Tron: The Next Day (Flynn Lives Revealed) is a 10-minute short that fills in the backstory between the first and second films. It recently appeared on YouTube and contains unused footage from Tron Legacy.

The short also bears a passing resemblance to the teaser short that was rumored to be on the Tron Legacy DVD come April, but it doesn't have any overt spoilers for Tron 3 (or TR3N or THRON or TRIN or whatever). I'm guessing Tron: The Next Day will pop up on the home release as well.


[Via Slashfilm]



My love of RAM makes it easy to overlook that he was actually a third-party actuarial program for insurance companies and was in no way related to Encom other then that the actor who portrayed RAM also portrayed popcorn man in the office...I smell a retcon...