Watch two werewolves fang out their issues on last night's Grimm

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How do the Blutbads communicate without words? By flipping fangs. Last night's Grimm was all about a little lost Blutbad who was raised in the woods alone and became a feral young lass with insanely long hair. Now it's up to Nick and Monroe to help her out without getting their necks ripped out by the little bit.

If Grimm is going to be a mindless monster-of-the-week type of series, I hope the rest of the episode are exactly like this one. It was your standard whodunit fairy tale case. Introducing the wild child threw a new element into the bunch. It was cute, and I liked having Pilates Wolf around for the whole episode (hopefully he'll take on the little lass as his ward and teach her the ways of Blutbaddenry or whatever the hell they call it).

Plus, the fairy tale folk of the world are finally having fun with Nick. I just loved the pack of gopher people freaking out and running around Nick's front yard like a bunch of high school girls driving by "that boy's" house. Except this boy could kill them. All in all, it was sweet. Could have done without the insane brothers torturing the poor kid, but I guess it did make them seem fairly intimidating. More Pilates Wolf, more Wild Child, and more Gopher Gangs. Good job, Grimm.