Watching This Exterminator Remove a Gigantic Hornet's Nest Sent My Heart Racing

If the sound of a single mosquito buzzing near your ear is enough to send you running, you might want to skip this video of a Louisiana exterminator battling what is easily the largest hornet’s nest I’ve ever seen in my life, hiding inside someone’s backyard shed.


Jude Verret, the brave, brave soul in the white suit, set up a GoPro camera to capture the frenetic cloud of enraged hornets while he cleaned out the shed. Miraculously, even though the cleanup took 45 minutes, Verret wasn’t stung a single time. Although the terrifying hum of thousands of angry hornets is going to be stuck in my head for weeks.

[YouTube via The Verge]


Those are not hornets. They are yellow jackets. Now here is a cool hornet nest from a few years back.