Watchmen May Be Over, But You Can Relive It All Via Its Digital Effects

What looks like a bad YouTube screenshot becomes Watchmen.
What looks like a bad YouTube screenshot becomes Watchmen.
Photo: HBO

Season one of Watchmen is in the books and it’ll probably be a long time before we see any more episodes...if we ever see any more episodes, which is a decidedly sad thought. At least now that it’s over, we can appreciate the entire season as a whole in any way that we’d like.


One of those many ways is through its visual effects. Though Watchmen is set in a mostly familiar version of our world, there are way more effects than you probably noticed. It’s not like the effects on Game of Thrones where of course that dragon or massive city isn’t real. On Watchmen, many things that seemed real weren’t at all—including, but not limited to, cows, masks, and buildings. Then, yes, there were the raining squid and glowing blue man, all of which are blended together in this excellent clip.

And despite there being lots of Doctor Manhattan in this video, don’t worry: This is safe for work. His butt is blurred out. Lots of blurred-out butts here.

I think out of everything in this clip, Looking Glass and the Adam and Eve clones may be my favorite. Both of those effects are basically flawless. Looking Glass’s mask looks completely real and if it wasn’t literally impossible for there to be so many of the same face on screen at once, I may have believed those clones were real too. What are your favorite effects in the clip?

And no, despite what you’re thinking, Lube Man was not an effect.


Watchman is now available on most digital formats as we patiently wait to hear the fate of the series.

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Wild to me that so many effects that you take for granted as being practical (like, even capes, fire, windows smashing, etc.) are fully digital, and yet it seems like every other day is a story about another folding VFX company. These guys work their butts off to make basically everything look remotely watchable, and they apparently do it on the cheap, and it seems like they get nothing out of it in the end.