Waterproof G5WP Tops Refreshed GE Point-and-Shoot Lineup

There's a camera show going down in Anaheim right now, and with it has come a whole mess of budget cameras. GE put a few more on the growing pile today, including additions to its entry-level Power Series point-and-shoots.

The blue example above is the waterproof G5WP, set to ship later this year for $180. Inside the dry casing are 12.2MP; an array of colors so long as you want red, blue or gray; and 4x internal zoom.


The X5 model boosts the zoom up to 15x and maxes out at ISO 3200 (cost: $150). Both cameras should arrive about the same in Q2 2010.

The Power Series received two additions today: The E1486TW and E1480W, checking in at $180 and $150, respectively. The two cameras include HD video, optical image stabilization, and 8x optical zoom. [PR Newswire]


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