WD Scorpio: 250GB 2.5-inch HD for Notebooks Now Shipping

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Western Digital has just announced their new WD Scorpio 250GB, a Serial ATA 2.5-inch hard drive for notebooks which, at 3.94 x 2.75 x 0.354 inches, is the largest smallest shipping hard drive in the world. The 5400rpm 12ms read seek time WD Scorpio uses Perpendicular Magnetic Recording, and you will find all its features and price after the jump.

While Fujitsu and other companies have announced similar units, the WD Scorpio is shipping now with capacities that will range from 40GB to 250GB, with a 5400rpm speed and 8MB buffer. According to Western Digital, it gives a 12ms read seek time and 2.0ms track-to-track seek time, with a 4.20ms average latency.

The hard drive features their WhisperDrive technology, which they say "combines state-of-the-art seeking algorithms to yield it one of the quietest 5400 RPM." That means an average 24dBA while idle and 26dBA while seeking on average. It also has Western Digital's IntelliSeek technology, which basically means a reduction in the motion in the disk which in turn "reduces power usage by more than 60 percent compared with standard drives." We don't know if those "standard drives" are competing drives with similar technologies or Winchester drives from 1974. What we know is the price: $199.99 gigantic amounts of porn and pirated DVD movies not included.


Product page [Western Digital]

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