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We Are Liveblogging the Hell Out of CES

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Some things at CES are not worth covering at all (I'm lookin at you, company with the wood-paneled air conditioners). Some are worth watching like TV shows. And we're coming to you live.


In fact, why not catch us live right now at AT&T? Deathstar Mobile is promising a full two-hour keynote. It might be amazing. It might be a snooze. Either way, we've got to do something to stay awake; why not drop by and help us keep our eyes open?

Here's a list for today (all times Pacific, so adjust accordingly). Hope to see you there!


Samsung 2PM
Panasonic 3PM
Nokia 3PM
Sony 5PM
Microsoft 6:30PM

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"...Some things at CES are not worth covering... would be quite entertaining if someone was assigned to cover all of the vendors which SHOULD NOT have bothered showing at CES :-)