Webcam Spying School District Cleared of Criminal Charges

Illustration for article titled Webcam Spying School District Cleared of Criminal Charges

Remember Lower Merion School District, the elite Philadelphia school system that was caught spying on its students through the webcams on their mandatory, school-issued MacBooks? Federal prosecutors aren't filing criminal charges. But don't worry, the civil cases are still kicking.


U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger says that an investigation found "no evidence of criminal intent" by LMSD administrators, who at this point have admitted to snapping upwards of 50,000 remote shots from over 40 students laptops' screens and webcams. The school, unsurprisingly, has adopted a slew of new policies relating to laptops and privacy.

But don't get too indignant—at least two students have outstanding lawsuits against the district. [AP via Engadget]



I'm confused. So can anybody take pictures of high school students in their own houses as long as they don't have any "criminal intent?"

Also, the AP story says the school took those 56,000 shots to "locate missing laptops," but I thought the school had admitted that some of the shots had come from laptops they knew weren't missing?

Meh. I hope the civil suits bleed the school dry. First they give us Kobe, now this. Meh, I say. Meh.