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Weird Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Issue. Am I the Only One?

Illustration for article titled Weird Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Issue. Am I the Only One?

So I've been using a Lumia 800 for a few weeks now, and mostly I'm loving it. Two big problems though—both battery-related: 1) Once you get a bunch of live-updated, location-aware apps, the battery goes to shit.


But # 2's the killer: ONCE THE PHONE DIES, IT WON'T WAKE UP. askdhskfhds;fjkhds;khas;fkjhsdfkjhadsfkjasdhf.


Am I the only one having this problem? I've read that a bunch of you are having problems with battery life, and I'm with you. But I can deal with it. I'm an iPhoneland expat! I've got backup batteries aplenty; I'm used to checking my charge level and topping off when I need to. But this other problem is just weird. And bad. Here's what happens:

I get the "battery critically low" warning. Then, shortly thereafter, my phone will die. If I don't plug it in before it turns itself off, it becomes very difficult to turn back on. Usually, I can bring it back by plugging the phone into an iPad's 2.1 amp charger, but not today. The phone is comatose. Possibly dead.

Now, we were lucky enough to get a very early production sample of the Lumia, so it could just be a dud. But maybe someone else out there is having the same problem? Let me know in the comments.

UPDATE: Just got a note from Tom at WinRumors. Apparently, a software update coming in December should help the battery coma issue. That would be nice!


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The battery issue was also mentioned in a blurb on an Engadget review. Some iPhone owners experience lower than average battery life, it gets tons of media attention. The Lumia shuts down at 50%, and doesn't always come back on, and it gets a blurb.

I understand the popularity of the iPhone making it bigger news, but when people are comparing phones based on news and reviews, it seems as though flaws should get equal attention to help buyers make an informed decision. Instead, iPhone issues are blown out of proportion (I still use my iPhone 4 without a case with no antenna issues, and have fantastic battery life), while major flaws like "the phone shuts down when it still has plenty of battery life and becomes bricked" don't get as much attention.

Funny how that works. It's not really the fault of Gizmodo or other news sites, people just aren't as interested in issues like this, as the phone isn't as popular. I just find it to be an interesting observation.