We're Bummed That This Killer Friday the 13th Reboot Won't Be Happening

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In Hollywood, a lot of great ideas never make it to the big screen. (See: Jodorowsky’s Dune, then shake fist at sky, screaming “Whyyy?”) Slasher movie fans will be especially disappointed to hear about a never-made new Friday the 13th film that—unlike most other horror reboots—actually sounds cool as hell.


This particular Friday film was planned as a sequel to the 2009 Michael Bay-produced reboot, which starred Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki. It was going to be directed by David Bruckner (The Signal) from a script by Nick Antosca (TV’s Hannibal). But as these show biz-type things tend to go, Bruckner left (due to the timing of “numerous delays”) and a new screenwriter joined the 2017 film: Aaron Guzikowski, who wrote Prisoners.

Prisoners was dark and gritty, and Guzikowski may bring some of that to his Friday film. But listen to Bruckner’s description, shared with Hitfix, of the film that he and Antosca were planning:

“It was a proper ‘end of the summer’ summer camp movie that took place in the late ‘80s...I like to say that ‘Dazed and the Confused’...was a huge inspiration to me in how we approached the character relationships, just because that’s a movie that captures a kind of a timeless — even though it takes place in the ‘70s — a very timeless, nostalgic experience. And it’s very much — you chart several characters at once, it’s very much an ensemble piece, and you really are able to get at this coming of age vibe. I just wanted to see a movie where you’re that invested in everybody and [then] Jason Voorhees [shows up].”

Wait, so the victims aren’t just interchangeable girls and guys getting slaughtered in a predictable way? What kind of a damn crazy slasher-movie plan is that? Actually, it sounds amazing—and not totally unlike other slasher movies we’ve liked in recent years, including Cabin in the Woods and The Final Girls. Alas, all Friday fans have to look forward to is that 2017 film, about which we know zip, and the “sophisticated” Jason Voorhees series the CW has in the pipe.

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Craig Michael Ranapia

How is that going to work? Jason moves to England, discovers Downton Abbey is now a fancy boarding school so he starts murdering slutty lacrosse players and math nerds in the shrubbery with a letter opener?