We're Live at Motorola, Ready to Peep This New RAZR. And More???

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Oh man oh man oh man, we're live in Midtown Manhattan, waiting with bated breath, hoping to check out the new Motorola RAZR. Wait, why are we liveblogging this? A few reasons.


1) If you'll recall, the RAZR was one of the most successful cellphones of all time, selling more than 130 million handsets. It's a huge name for them, so Moto might pull out all the stops on this new phone. Could be pretty sweet.


2) This thing could possssssssibly have the newest flavor of Android on it, Ice Cream Sandwich, and, if it does, we want to be here to tell you all about it.

3) Brent has never liveblogged before. And he loves Android. And he, like, begged. And hey, practice makes better, so let's do this thing, right? But we need to ask you a favor: If Brent sucks at liveblogging, you need to help us haze him: on Twitter, in the comments here (unfortunately they're not working on our fancy new liveblogging platform yet), wherever. But if he's good, Internet high-fives are much appreciated.

So hop on over to the liveblog and follow along.

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Whats scary is I am still using the OLD Razr.